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Angie Masini-Sloan

Vice President,

Enterprise Resource Services


Angie is the Group Manager of Enterprise Resource Services. She started with Key in 1996 as a LAN Admin in Boise, Idaho. She and her family moved to Liberty Lake, Washington where Angie worked as a Sr. Technology Project Manager, as well as served as the IS/IT Costing Coordinator for PEG.  Angie expanded her responsibilities to include National Field Support and PC Procurement Engagement Manager upon relocation back to Idaho, and eventually to the Cleveland area.

Angie’s current responsibilities include the Enterprise Resolution Center, PC Procurement, Managed Print Services and Request Management.

Angie loves to cook, and is a wine fanatic and a professional shopper. She has collected a variety of non-work-related experiences, including travel to the Virgin Islands as well as skydiving over the Bay of Tauranga in New Zealand.

Currently, Angie is the On-boarding and Communications co-Chair for the Key Executive Women's Network. She is also part of Key’s Green Council.

Angie resides in Avon with her husband, Eric, and three children: Emma, Carson and Maddy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - Delivering THE KNOCKOUT PUNCH!


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The evening belonged to Angie Masini-Sloan as she addressed BDPA Cleveland/Northeast Ohio members and guests.  Angie demonstrated some of the reasons for her massive success as she won the minds and hearts of an audience hungry for knowledge, purpose and compassion.  She delivered all the above in a short but focused message that pointed out many of the challenges and opportunities of the Information Age.



Although her message leaned toward women in technology, she also brought forth powerful ideas that sometimes made audience members say, “That makes sense,” along with other ideas that fell into the category of “I never thought of that.”  With engaging comments, a quick smile and natural humor, Angie challenged members while at the same time putting them at ease.  I will not do her the disservice of attempting to rehash her presentation.  That should not be a concern however, because based upon the reception that she received and the thoughts she provoked, I am confident that BDPA will be calling on her soon and often.


The audience feedback was positive and had to be contained to keep the program from turning into a marathon.  That is good news because it demonstrates a hunger for what Angie delivered and implied a deep interest in future chapter programs of this type.


Angie recommended a valuable web site for moving forward at  Readers are encouraged to check out the valuable information contained on that site.


If you missed this program, you have my sympathy, but along with it you have the hope that you will be able to hear from Angie in the future.  A BIG THANK YOU to Angie and Sue Dixon, her equally effective and personable Administrative Assistant.


Angie is Vice President, Enterprise Resource Services, KeyBank



By the way, the full course meal was EXCELLENT and so many people made inquiries that we've supplied the Caterers information below:


HillMar Catering, Ralph Martin - Owner/Chef

216-269-0192     -     216-397-7933