BDPA Cleveland/Northeast Ohio Members

One of the residual effects of Barack Obama’s historic run to the Presidency has been the apparent acceptance of the idea of building from “the bottom up.”   It is the idea that nothing much changes for the better unless you build a strong and firm foundation.  Many things amaze me about this sudden flash of wisdom that seems to have finally struck the nation.  BDPA founders Earl Pace and David Wimberly understood and acted upon this principle.  Numerous individuals who founded and built BDPA Chapters and other organizations over many years understood.   Forgive me for patting myself on the back, but I understood the principle of building from the bottom up, as evidenced by my writings, including Success is You, The Power of Association, over a dozen years of publicizing VISIONS Newsletter, and other writings.

Now comes the surprising part.  People like former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani either do not (or pretend not) to understand.  Of all the negative comments and insinuations of the long and bitter run for the Presidency, one stands out above all in my mind.  Giuliani, in comments directed toward Obama, indicated with a snicker of arrogance and proof of ignorance, that Obama’s accomplishment was being a (snicker) community organizer.  With a look and tone implying superiority, Giuliani looked down his nose at the value of those who would seek to empower those at the bottom and consider it to be leadership.

If the truth be told, there is one thing that would deal more injustice than the ignorance of such shallow thinking, and that is acting shallow.  If those of us who know better and have the most to gain from becoming an integral part of a strong foundation sit idly by, waiting upon redemption from our state of affairs, then that would become a self-inflicted tragedy of a greater magnitude.

Therefore, your task and challenge (and mine), should we choose to accept it, and accept it we must; is to become stronger and more knowledgeable and more supportive than the Giuliani’s of the world might imagine.  That task and challenge begins with you lending your talent, your passion and your purpose to becoming the best and most involved BDPA member you can become.


It's Your Move.  What Sayeth You?


It has been said that the Chinese symbol for danger and opportunity is one in the same.  I am not even close to being an expert in Chinese symbols, but I do believe we stand at the crossroads of danger and opportunity.

The opportunity is that BDPA Cleveland/Northeast Ohio has an on-line newsletter.  It can be used as another tool to promote you, your product, your service, and strengthen and promote the entire chapter.

It will be no small task to gather, edit, and publish content each month that is relevant to our diverse chapter.  I am under no illusions that I can accomplish this alone.  In fact, I don’t want to accomplish it alone, because that is where the danger comes into play.  If I do all the thinking, writing, and selecting, then regardless of what the masthead reads, it becomes mine.  I already publish a newsletter that reflects enough of what I believe and feel.  The BDPA Newsletter belongs to YOU!  Whether it is here this time next year, and the year after, and the year after that, is up to YOU!  The key word is YOU!

I am humbly asking for several things.  I need your feedback.  I need your ideas.  I need your participation on a variety of levels.  In fact, don’t even expect me to tell you everything that I need, because I’m not necessarily smart enough to know what I need.  Let me know what you can supply. That will encourage you to stretch your mind and exercise your thoughts.